Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Blog Stats for 2018

I managed to read a book a week for most of 2018. I did hit a few periods of burnout when I needed some time off - though for most of these I had reviews queued up or was able to squeeze in a graphic novel review so it wasn't apparent.

In total I read 49 items, which included 4 graphic novels, 1 book on writing and 2 history books. I read 23 science fiction novels (including 3 YA), and 14 fantasy novels (also including 3 YA). I read only 3 urban fantasy novels (my least favourite subgenre) and 2 horror novels.

Of the novels, 17 were by men and 25 by women, and I managed 10 books by non-white or LGBTQ authors.

I'm quite happy with the number of books I read, though it meant I had very little time for other things. As mentioned, I also hit burnout a few times, because I was forcing myself to read at such a fast pace.

Normally I'd including my reading resolutions for the new year in this post, but I've been thinking about it a lot and change is coming to the blog this year. Depending on how things go these changes may become permanent or will only affect 2019. I'll be doing a post on my plans that later this week. 

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