Friday, 26 February 2016

Update on Medieval Posts

Sorry for the lack of medieval posts so far this year.  They take a long time to research and I've been busy trying to read a ton of stuff to get books off my floor again.  I keep saying I'll go down to a review every two weeks to free up some time, but I'm actually happy doing 1/week, though that means some things may get ignored until I build up my review buffer (which I've currently done again).  

I started working on the next Cathedral post yesterday, on Notre Dame de Paris, but there are a lot of modifications I have to make on my floor plan and exterior sculpture cheat sheet before it's ready to post, so that may be another week or two.  I've also realized that I didn't take as many detail shots as I'd intended and a few of my other shots (of which I only got 1) came out blurry or backlit.  More motivation to go back at some point (when Chartres and Reims are done being renovated).

In the meantime, here's some of the central / Last Judgement portal sculpture of Notre Dame de Paris, depicting demons sending souls to hell and torturing them.

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