Saturday 3 October 2015

News: Angry Robot Announces Open Door for Submissions in December

Have a polished manuscript and looking for a publisher?  Well, starting December 1 and going until January 31st, Angry Robot Books will open its door to unsolicited manuscript submissions.

From their email:

We are looking for full-length novels. Not novellas, poems, short stories or similar. Please, only full-length novels.

We're pretty broad in our tastes, genre-wise. We love anything science fiction, fantasy or WTF. If it's a spaghetti western set in space with pirates, we're down for that. We aren't down for Young Adult titles at this time. Sorry.
Diverse Voices: We Want You!

Anyone who has written a thoroughly entertaining, full-length science fiction or fantasy novel is more than welcome to submit to us during the open door, um, window.

We do want to mention the following though. We appreciate diversity at Angry Robot. Our track record at AR speaks for itself, but we can do even better. We also know that writers from diverse backgrounds are sometimes hesitant to submit. So we’re saying this in big letters:

We want to explicitly invite writers from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences to submit to this Open Door.

Several of our most commercially and critically-successful books have come from writers speaking from diverse backgrounds and/or about diverse characters.

This genre belongs to everyone, and we at Angry Robot want to be a part of making that maxim true in practice by championing diverse voices and helping them reach a wide audience.

So everyone, send us your best work. Show us worlds real and imagined with all their glorious complexity and diversity, that reflects the reality of today’s culture.

More information, including a FAQ section, will go up on their website soon.

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