Saturday, 21 March 2015

Liebster Award

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award by Steven Rose Jr. of A Far Out Fantastic Site.  So, first off, thank you Steven, that's pretty cool.
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Here are the questions he's asked me and my responses:

1) What is your dream car?  I'm not really in to cars, but I've always thought Ferrari's look amazing.  I wouldn't want to own one though, because I can't drive manual. (My husband insists that I pick a specific one, therefore he told me my answer is a Ferrari 488 GTB.)

2) What is your favourite/favourite kind of food?  I have lots of favourites, as I like food from a variety of cultures.  Roladin, a german dish where you take thin strips of beef and roll them up with onions and mustard before frying them and simmering them in gravy is one of my childhood favourites.  As is pizza.  For Japanese food (since I lived in Japan for 2 years) I love tempura (deep fried veggies and shrimp) and okonomiyaki (a savoury pancake).

3) What is your favourite genre/subgenre of reading?  I love science fiction and fantasy with an emphasis on epic fantasy, dystopian, and post-apocalyptic novels.

4) Do you prefer Star Trek, Star Wars or neither?  I'm a fan of both.  I love the original Star Wars trilogy and read a few of the extended universe novels and I loved watching the original Star Trek series on TV.  I also watched most of Next Generation when it first aired.  I don't think the rebooted films follow the spirit of Star Trek.

5) Of these classic/old school horror films, do you prefer Halloween, Friday the 13th, Universal’s original Frankenstein, Psycho or none of the above?  I love the first Halloween film and liked the next 2 well enough (yes, that includes The Season of the Witch).  I also love Psycho.  I only saw Friday the 13th for the first time a few years ago and wasn't impressed by it.  As for Frankenstein, the movie's pretty good but it led to people believing they know the book when the monster in the book is highly intelligent, and very different from how it's portrayed in the film.

6) If you won the lottery, you would . . . (do what?)  I would invest all of the money and then use the interest I made on it every year to take a trip.

7) How would you respond to a film agent who offered you a part in a big budget film?  I'd do it as long as the script was decent.  Sounds like a lot of fun (though it's probably really a lot of work).

8) Do you have anything (interest, toy, habit, etc.) from childhood that you will not let go of as an adult? If so, what is it?  I collected a lot of things as a child and still have them now.  I've got a jar of nifty feathers, including several peacock tail feathers.  I've also got a semi-precious gem collection with some nice tiger's eye stones and an amethyst geode.  And I used to collect soapstone sculptures and still have the panther ones I loved as a kid.

9) What do you do when a person you’ve met for the first time bores you with their talk?  I'm not good with small talk but I'm worse at extricating myself from conversations so I'd probably suffer quietly and hope someone interrupts us soon.

10) Do you believe the world’s ready for commercial space flight? If so, why? If not, why not?  I think commercial space flight is still WAY too expensive to be a realistic option for all but a very tiny portion of humanity.  As science keeps improving the price will fall and having a commercial option keeps the idea of space travel alive.  

11) What is more important to you, money or love (of humanity, including significant others/family and friends)?  I would like to say 'love' because it sounds nicer, but the reality is that money - by which I mean a lack thereof - causes stress and hardship and can make relationships break down, so I have to say money.  Without enough money you can't stay home to raise your kids if you'd like to, you can't eat healthily, you can't get the medical care that will keep you alive longer, you can't really help others.  If your basic needs are met you can start looking outside yourself and making the world a better place.

I'm supposed to nominate 11 other sites and ask them questions but I won't be doing that.  It's too much like the chain letters I got as a kid and couldn't stand.  I will however recommend you check out these blogs.  Some of them are author's blogs, but I don't follow that many people (as I don't want other book reviewers' impressions to affect my own reviews).

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