Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in October 2010

We interrupt our Fan Expo posts to bring you the regularly scheduled 'upcoming SFF' list. It's derived from the Chapters/Indigo website, so things not listed SFF and releases outside Canada aren't on the list (with one exception).


Warhammer 40K: Sabbat Worlds – Dan Abnett & Christian Dunn, Ed.

Knot Gneiss – Piers Anthony

Surface Detail – Iain Banks

Passion Play – Beth Bernobich

Cryoburn – Lois McMaster Bujold

Side Jobs – Jim Butcher

The Haunting of Charles Dickens – Lewis Buzbee

Bones of Empire – William Dietz

Against All Things Ending – Stephen Donaldson

1635: The Eastern Front – Eric Flint

The Half-Made World – Felix Gilman

Weight of Stone – Laura Anne Gilman

The Coffin: 10th Anniversary Edition – Phil Hester

Trio of Sorcery – Mercedes Lackey

Betrayer of Worlds – Edward Lerner

Forgotten Realms: Gauntigrym – R. A. Salvatore

There and Back Again – Brian Sibley

The Ultimate Egoist: Volume 1, the Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon – Theodore Sturgeon

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – Sean Williams

All Clear – Connie Willis

Trade Paperbacks:

The Horns of Ruins – Tim Akers

The Power of Illusion – Christopher Anvil, Ed.

MYTH-Interpretations: the Worlds of Robert Asprin – Robert Asprin

Neil Gwynne's Scarlet Spy – Kage Baker

Elfsorrow – James Barclay (US release)

Elves Once Walked With Gods – James Barclay

Suddenly Something Happened – Jimmy Beaulieu

Forgotten Realms: The Year of Rogue Dragons – Richard lee Byers

Stories of Your Life – Ted Chiang

Star's End – Glen Cook

The Thief-Taker's Apprentice – Stephen Deas

Pock's World – Dave Duncan

The Stranger – Max Frei

Pax Britannia: Blood Royal – Jonathan Green

The Best Paranormal Crime Stories Ever Told – Martin Greenberg, Ed.

Vampire Empire – Clay Griffith

The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2010 – Paula Guran, Ed.

Zombies: The Recent Dead – Paula Guran, Ed.

Never After – Laurell Hamilton

Memories of Envy – Barb Hendee

The Rebel Prince – Celine Kiernan

Legends of the Dragonrealm II – Richard Knaak

The Ragged Man – Tom Lloyd

Gardens of the Sun – Paul McAuley

Autumn – David Moody

Mysteries of the Diogenes Club – Kim Newman

Version 43 – Philip Palmer

Chasing the Dragon – Justina Robson

Twilight of Kerberos: Legacy's Price – Matthew Sprange

Tome of the Undergates – Samuel Sykes

In the Mean Time – Paul Tremblay

Shadowrise – Tad Williams

Mass Market Paperbacks:

The Spirit Thief – Rachel Aaron

Written in Time – Jerry Ahern

Eberron: The Fading Dream – Keith Baker

Geist – Philippa Ballantine

Elegy Beach – Stephen Boyett

Runescape: Betrayal at Falador – T. Church

Servant of the Underworld – Aliette de Bodard

Light of Burning Shadows – Chris Evans

Damage Time – Colin Harvey

Hunting Memories – Barb Hendee

Warhammer: Warrior Priest – Darius Hinks

Darkship Thieves – Sarah Hoyt

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms – N. K. Jemisin

Corvus – Paul Kearney

The Clone Empire – Steven Kent

Desperation – Stephen King

The Silent Army – James Knapp

Warhammer 40K: Firedrake – Nick Kyme

Echo City – Tim Lebbon

Blood Heat – Maria Lima

Star Trek: Zero Sum Game – David Mack

Heart's Blood – Juliet Marillier

Dungeons & Dragons – City Under the Sand - Jeff Mariotte

Time Travelers Never Die – Jack McDevitt

Highborn – Yvonne Navarro

Grave Witch – Kalayna Price

Bitten to Death – Jennifer Rardin

Soul Stealers – Andy Remic

Live Free or Die – John Ringo

Star Wars: Death Troopers – Joe Schreiber

Kris Longknife: Redoubtable – Mike Shepherd

Starfist: Double Jeopardy – David Sherman

Shotgun Sorceress – Lucy Snyder

Planeswalker: A Test of Metal – Matthew Stover

Secret of the Dragon – Margaret Weis

City of Dreams & Nightmares – Ian Whates

Crown of Crystal Flame – C. L. Wilson

* I noticed my auto correct has done some interesting things to certain authors names. If you spot an error that I missed, please mention it in the comment field.

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