Friday 2 July 2010

Japan Trip - Akihabara

We spent our last two days in Japan shopping. Of course, one of those days was set aside for Akihabara, the place to shop for anime memorabilia, figures, electronics and duty free. Everything we wanted was around the train station, but picking the correct exit proved to be a challenge. So we walked around the outside until we found a store we wanted.

But first, we had lunch at Ginzo for what turned out to be a fabulous meal for a very reasonable price. My husband had a large plate of sushi and a savory custard, I got tempura don, udon and custard - both meals came to $20 TOTAL and were among the best we had (in terms of quality as well as value) in Japan.

We were expecting new and used electronics stores (like this store selling used Macs for an excellent price), but we were both surprised by the number of electronics shops selling base components. And security cameras (love the screw and button cameras).

In the end, our trip to Japan was a lot of fun and a complete success in terms of seeing everything we'd planned. I already can't wait to go back!

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