Friday, 26 June 2009

Soulstice: The Devouring Book 2, Book Review

Simon Holt's sequel to The Devouring comes out this September and is a worthy successor. Rather than just entering one fearscape in this novel, she enters several - thus becoming (in her mind at least) a weapon against the vours.

Soulstice takes up exactly 6 months after the previous novel, with Henry not remembering anything from his time in the fearscape or what his possessed body did in his 'absence'. Reggie tries to help him while at the same time undercovering a plot of the vours to find a way to enter humans on days other than the winter solstice, a plot she unwittingly plays a crucial part in. And more is revealed about those who hunt vours.

Be prepared for chills, intrigue, back-stabbing and a cliffhanger ending.

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