Monday, 26 January 2009

Soldier King - Violette Malan

Dhulyn and Parno's second adventure is as exciting as their first. Having chosen the winning side in battle they discover their prisoner is the enemy's crown prince! But their employers refuse to accept the brotherhood's code of honour, requiring the merceneries to release the prince without ransom. So they refuse pay and kidnap him, intending to escort him home.

But not everyone from his home country wants to see the prince return. The Blue Mage, the power behind the throne, sets in motion plans to take over completely, leaving the merceneries and their charge walking into a trap.

The book is full of action and surprising consequences to decisions made now and in the past (for example you discover that the downside to Dhulyn's immunity to poisons is her inability to use herbs to dull pain). There's also a touch of romance and some interesting stories within stories, as the three end up masquerading as actors and more in order to reach the capital.

A fun read.

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