Friday, 12 September 2008

King of Sword and Sky - C.L. Wilson

A wonderful mixture of fantasy and romance, this is the third book in the Tairen Soul series, and the books just get better. While I found the second novel a little more 'romancy' than I generally prefer, this novel returns to the wonder of being in a fantasy world and is more plot rather than character focused.

The world is expanded as Rain escorts his new wife back to the Fading Lands, where Ellysetta discovers that political scheming is not only a Celierian vice and Rain enjoys less popular support than she was led to believe. The crisis of the dying Tairens is examined in detail as Ellysetta tries to familiarize herself with her new home and responsibilities... and discover more about her own sinister origins and ties to the Eld's High Mage.

The ending will blow you away.

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