Friday, 1 August 2008

Science fiction and Fantasy Books Coming In September


War Hammer 40K: Titanicus - Dan Abnett
The Van Rijn Method - Poul Anderson
House of the Stag - Kage Baker
Riders of the Storm - Julie Czerneda
Toll the Hounds - Steven Erikson
The Wyrmling Horde - David Farland
Belisarius I: Thunder at Dawn - Eric Flint & David Drake
Ex-Kop - Warren Hammond
Paul of Dune - Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson
The Castle of Dreams - Michel Jouvet
The Phoenix Endangered - Mercedes Lackey
Duainfey - Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
The Bell at Sealey Head - Patricia McKillip
Juggler of Worlds - Larry Niven & Edward Lerner
The Knight of the Red Beard - Andre Norton
Brisingr - Christopher Paolini
Necrophilia - Robert Rankin
Stalking the Vampire - Mike Resnick
American Quest - Sienna Skyy
Scourge of God - S.M. Stirling
Star Wars: Order 66 - Karen Traviss
Half a Crown - Jo Walton
An Evil Guest - Gene Wolfe
Angelslayer - K. Michael Wright
Impossible Encounters - Zoran Zivkovic

Trade Paperback:

War Hammer: First Chronicle of Malus Dark blade - Dan Abnett
Dreaming Again - Jack Dann
Forgotten Realms: The Verdant Passage - Troy Denning
Return of the Crimson Guard - Ian Esslemont
Break of Dawn - Chris Green
If you Fall I will Catch You - Eiflon Jenkins
The Book from the Sky - Robert Kelley
A Wind Named Amnesia - Hideyuki Kikuchi
Swordsman of Mars - Otis Adelbert Kline
The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2008 - Kelly Link, Ed.
The Soldier King - Violette Malan
Too Many Curses - A. Lee Martinez
Cyndee’s Midnight - Jeffrey Overstreet
Inferno - Jerry Pournelle
Sorcerers of War - Kristan Proudman
Stalking the Unicorn - Mike Resnick
Harvest of Changelings - Warren Rochelle
Vampires - John Steakley
The Killing of Worlds - Scott Westerfeld
Pretenders - Lynda Williams
War Hammer: The Vampire Genevive - Jack Yeovil

Mass Market Paperback:

War Hammer 40K: Only in Death - Dan Abnett
Air Apparent - Piers Anthony
Rogue Angel: The Golden Elephant - Alex Archer
The Engineer Reconditioned - Neal Asher
Necropath - Eric Brown
The Many Faces of Von Helsing - Jeanne Cavelos
Reap the Wild Wind - Julie Czerneda
Aliens: No Exit - B.K. Evenson
Pyramid Power - Eric Flint
Patrimony - Alan Dean Foster
Moon in the Mirror - P.R. Frost
Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology - Nick Gevers, Ed.
Thunderer - Felix Gilman
Confessor - Terry Goodkind
Key to Redemption - Talia Gryphon
Clockwork Angels - Samanthat Henderson
Science Fiction: the Best of the Year 2008 - Rich Horton, Ed.
Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep: Mist shore - Jaleigh Johnson
Daughter of Hounds - Caitlin Kiernan
The Universe Twister - Keith Laumer
War Hammer: Elfslayer - Nathan Long
Imaginary Friends - John Marco
Dragon Harper - Anne & Todd McCaffrey
Dragonhaven - Robin McKinley
The River Kingdom - Karen Miller
Debatable Space - Philip Palmer
War Machine - Andy Remic
The Vorpal Blade - John Ringo & Travis Taylor
Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep: Blackstaff Tower - Steven Schend
Reader & Raelynx - Sharon Shinn
The Sunrise Lands - S.M. Stirling
The Gladiator - Harry Turtledove
Predator: South China Sea - Jeff Vandermeer


Lynda said...

Thank you for including Pretenders in your list of "coming books".

Steve said...

I guess having our book listed is cool, but I wonder if it would be possible to include all the authors of Duainfey?

Steve Miller

Jessica Strider said...

Sorry Steve, compiling the list takes several hours and my source isn't always perfect in listing all the authors of a book. Double checking each title would take too much time so sometimes partner authors get missed. Thanks for pointing this out to me, it's been corrected.