Monday, 18 February 2008

Urban Fantasy P.I.'s

This is a list of Urban Fantasy P.I.'s as well as other books you might like if you're looking for something different. The books are subdivided by category. Once again, the list isn't meant to be comprehensive. If you see a few books you've never heard of and want to read, than I've accomplished my purpose.

I've revamped the list to include newer releases (11/08).

Tanya Huff - Blood Lines, Blood Pact, Blood Debt, Blood Price, Blood Trial
Jim Butcher - Storm Front, Fool Moon, Grave Peril, Summer Knight, Death Masks, Blood Rites, Dead Beat, Proven Guilty, White Night, Small Favor
Simon Green - Something From the Nightside, Hex & the City, Nightengale’s Lament, Paths Not Taken, Agents of Light & Darkness, Sharper than a Serpent’s Tooth, Hell to Pay, Unnatural Inquirer
Mike Resnick - Stalking the Unicorn, Stalking the Vampire
Mercedes Lackey - Burning Water, Children of the Night, Jinx High
Mark Del Franco - Unshapely Things, Unquiet Dreams
Kat Richardson - Greywalker, Poltergeist, Underground
Elaine Cunningham - Shadows in the Starlight, Shadows in the Darkness
Glen Cook - Sweet Silver Blues, Bitter Gold Hearts, Cold Copper, etc
P.N. Elrod - Bloodlist, Lifeblood, Bloodcircle, Art in the Blood, etc (Vampire Files)
Carole Nelson Douglas - Dancing With Werewolves, Brimstone Kiss
Camille Bacon-Smith
- Daemon Eyes
Justin Gustainis - Black Magic Woman
*Rob Thurman - Nightlife, Moonshine, Madhouse (the characters consider themselves PI's after book 2 but it's not 'official' as it were, hense the star)

Phaedra Weldon - Wraith, Spectre
Liz Williams - Snake Agent, The Demon and the City, Precious Dragons
Talia Gryphons - Key to Conflict, Key to Conspiracy, Key to Redemption (special ops)
Anton Strout - Dead to Me (special ops)
C. E. Murphy - Urban Shaman, Thunderbird Falls, Coyote Dreams
Scott MacMillan - Knights of the Blood, At Sword's Point
Jennifer Rardin - Once Bitten, Twice Shy; Another One Bites the Dust; Biting the Bullet; Bitten to Death (special ops)

If you like the above and want a bit of SF instead:
Wen Spencer - Alien Taste, Bitter Waters, Dog Warrior, Tainted Trail
John Ridley - Those Who Walk in Darkness, What Fire Cannot Burn
Jay Caselberg - Star Tablet, Metal Sky, Wyrmhole
Jeffrey Thomas - Deadstock, Blue War
John Meaney - Bone Song, Dark Blood


Anonymous said...

I appreciate this post and I am checking out four authors I had not known about, however I do think that one particular author's works may have been included to this and that is C.J. Henderson. He has a "Teddy London" series that introduced me to crossover type work. Find the main page here.

Jessica Strider said...

Thanks for the additional author.

Anonymous said...

Wen Spenser is more sci-fi than urban fantasy.

Jessica Strider said...

I know. So, for that matter, is John Ridley. But I figure people who like the others on this list will probably enjoy having a few more reading options so...