Sunday, 28 October 2012

StoryBundle's Halloween Bundle

News of HumbleBundle's first ebook bundle got around the internet fast.  Hopefully it's success means there will be others.  You may not have heard about StoryBundle.  It's the same idea, you pick the price you want to pay for the 6 books and what percentage of the money goes to the website and to the authors.  You can also choose to donate part of (or, I believe, all of) the money to a charity of their choice (they give 2 options), and if you pay above a certain amount ($9) you can unlock 2 extra books.

Their current bundle (which I bought despite knowing I probably won't get to the books for some time) is Halloween themed, meaning they're all horror novels.  They're DRM free and you get both epub and mobi files.

This bundle has a mix of professionally published and indie authors, which is pretty cool.  So, if you need more books to read, go check out their site.  Click on the books and you'll see a synopsis and excerpt.

I find these book bundles pretty cool.  How about you?

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