Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Lists and Fun

These are a bit old, but I've been busy and haven't had time to post them until now.  First, some great lists I came across.

Lee & Low Books did a Diverse Dystopias list, that is fantastic.  Their criteria:

In honor of the upcoming release of our new YA anthology, Diverse Energies, we thought we’d put together a list of dystopias with diversity. For the purposes of this list, our definition of diversity is: 1.) A book with a main character of color (not just secondary characters), or 2.) A book written by an author of color. Of course, all types of diversity are worth celebrating, so if you know of other diverse dystopias (with, for example, LGBT diversity) please share them in the comments as well.
I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that anthology, though given how much I've already got to read it would likely sit on my floor for a while before I got to it...

Next, SFX put together a list of 10 Inspirational Disabled Characters from Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  They mention some characters I missed in my own list, so go take a look.

Lastly, Antick Musings mentioned these two sites that, if you type in a url will tell you if the site is written by a man or a woman and what age the author is.

It's good for a laugh but I wouldn't take the responses seriously as together they claim my blog is written by a 65-100 year old man (75%)!  Wrong on both counts.  SOOOOooooo wrong.  But kind of funny. :)

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