Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Canada Writes: A Sci-Fi Odyssey

CBC Books is hosting a Canadian science fiction odyssey with author Q&As, giveaways, writing tips and more.  This is all going on from now until Halloween.  From their site:

What awaits us on our maiden voyage into the sci-fi realm? Stay tuned! Over the next few weeks, we'll be posting:

* Daily writing tips from Canadian sci-fi and speculative fiction authors on how to keep the unreal both compelling and, well, real

* Our brand-new Canada Writes Magic 8 Q&A with a sci-fi bent (kicking it off? None other than Cory Doctorow)

* An exclusive blog by Canadian sci-fi guru Robert J. Sawyer

* Partnership with the wild and wonderful folks at SF Canada

* A 12-hour Twitter writing challenge on Wednesday, October 24 with a sci-fi theme, a celebrity judge, and great prizes (more details to come!)

* A special sci-fi-themed battle in our Literary Smackdown series with The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers on Monday, October 29. (Combatants: Peter Watts and Minister Faust!)

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