Sunday, 22 May 2011

Genre News

Once again I've got a backlog of interesting things that I don't have time to give individual blog posts to, so here's some genre news:

PYR has entered the YA fiction field with three novels: debut author K. D. McEntire with Lightbringer (urban fantasy/paranormal romance), Ian McDonald with Planesrunner (SF) and Ari Marmell with Thief's Covenant (fantasy).  Why publish books specific to the 12+ market?

[Lou] Anders says, “We believe there is a real hunger in the growing YA readership for narratives that explore the full, imaginative breadth of what science fiction and fantasy has to offer. Of our first three Pyr titles for the YA reader, two are from authors who primarily write for the adult book market, an acquisitions approach we decided best served this need. Also, it's long been said that 'the Golden Age of science fiction is twelve,' and while this is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it speaks to the common interests of those who read speculative fiction, whether teen or adult. With many adult readers turning to Young Adult fiction to recapture the sense of wonder and fun that the best stories in any category have always embodied, it made sense for us to bring our expertise, and that of our authors, to this new arena.”

The Nebula Awards Showcase, an all fiction anthology edited by Kevin J. Anderson will be published May 24th, to coincide with the Nebula Awards happening this weekend.

...the anthology includes May 2010’s short fiction award nominees—a “spiffy bunch” (Kirkus) of the year’s best science fiction and fantasy from some of the most recognizable names in the field, including Paolo Bacigalupi, Kage Baker, Eugie Foster, and Kij Johnson as well as classic reprints from Joe W. Haldeman (Grand Master Award for life achievement) and Neal Barrett, Jr (Author Emeritus).

Becca Fitzpatrick's upcoming Hush, Hush Graphic Novel got new artwork for the character of Patch based on reader comments.

Finally, ABC has announced 2 new shows, a remake of Charlie's Angels and Once Upon a Time.  Looks like fairy tales are the new vampires.  Here's the Once Upon a Time trailer:

NBC has its own fairy tale show coming this fall, Grimm.  Looks like it might be comparable to Supernatural.

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