Friday, 11 February 2011

Toronto Science Fiction and Fantasy Events Calendar

I've started up a Toronto Science Fiction and Fantasy Events Calendar as one of my 'pages' (in the left menu bar).  At the moment it's experimental, as I discover how much time and effort inputting events and maintaining it is going to be.  I'm using a free online calendar and file sharing service called KeepandShare, which I'm trying out for the first time.

I know the majority of people who come to this blog aren't in the Toronto area, so the calendar is also to lessen the number of 'Event in Toronto' posts I do (not eliminate them, mind you, just reduce them).  And I've been hoping for a while that someone would do a calendar that includes all the SF/F events in the city as I hate hearing of things after the fact that I'd have loved to go to.

If you are in Toronto and know of an event that's not on my calendar, please email me the details (event title, website url, date/time, venue and cost).  Also email me if you notice a mistake on the calendar or with an event.  Please put 'calendar events' in the subject line and send the information to:

And now for the disclaimer.  I'm doing this on my own time because I like the idea of knowing what's happening so I can plan what to attend.  I can only add events I hear about, so I know not everything will make the calendar.  I also only know what I'm told or discover on websites, so mistakes are possible (either with data entry on my end or changes on theirs).  I'll link to websites whenever possible, so always double check the information. 

This is experimental so if it turns out to be too much work to maintain or the site I'm using starts giving me problems, I might have to let the idea go.  On the other hand, if everything goes well for the first few months of just doing Toronto, I might branch out and add larger events from areas around the GTA as well.

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