Friday, 25 February 2011

Graphic Novel Review: American Vampire, Volume 1

 Written by:  Scott Snyder & Stephen King
Artist: Rafael Albuquerque

Pros: great stories, fantastic idea regarding vampire evolution, intriguing characters
Art: rough strokes giving thick limbs and showing pencil lines, lots of motion, good shading and details

Too connected stories told by two writers, American Vampire is a great graphic novel.

Each comic (there are 4 in this collection) starts with a story by Scott Snyder involving aspiring actresses Pearl and Hattie.  Things don't go as expected when Pearl's invited to a party hosted by the producer of the film she's an extra on.

The second story, by Stephen King, deals with the origin of the titular American vampire.  A wild west bank robber is accidentally turned by a European bank owner during a bust gone bad.  But where the European vampires have trouble in sunlight and can't cross water easily, their American counterparts have no such weaknesses.

The two stories work well together, slowly explaining the vampire situation in the new world and how they evolve as a species based on different blood.

The artwork is blocky and thick lined and while it's normally not to my taste, it suits the subject matter here surprisingly well. 

Ultimately it's a great grapic novel.

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