Thursday, 19 August 2010

Kobo vs iPad in Sunlight Conditions

Here's where the Kobo definitely does better than the iPad. Sunlight conditions. E-ink readers are designed to be non-reflective, to give a better 'book' experience. In contrast, the iPad has a highly reflective screen, so reading in direct sunlight can be a problem. This video shows the difference and ways to improve reading on the iPad, beyond using a sun screen or sitting in the shade.

Kobo vs iPad in sunlight conditions from Jessica Strider on Vimeo.


bonnie said...

jessica -- thank you so much! this post is exactly what i've been looking for. debating between kobo & ipad for e-reading and (as i look out at SNOW)am thinking about reading on the beach this summer and how i'll best be able to do that! your comparison showed EXACTLY what i needed.....thank you for your time and help!

Jessica Strider said...

Glad the video helped. I find for reading at home (we keep the place dark) I prefer the iPad. For reading on the subway or at the park the kobo's great. I saw a bunch of people using them on the beach in Punta Cana this past week. Lots of Canadians there. And it's convenient for travelling.