Friday, 27 August 2010

Giving Up a Dream

This post by Ian Hocking is a stark look at what the dream of being a writer can cost. Especially if, after years of effort and completed manuscripts, you've yet to achieve 'success' and realize it's time to put the dream behind you. Writing is a lonely profession. It's years of work with little to sustain you except your belief in yourself. A belief that is quickly chipped away at by rejection letter after rejection letter. And as his case shows, getting one book published doesn't mean your career is made. Think about it, to spend the years necessary to write 4 other books, all of which going unpublished... And he is not alone. For every success story we hear in the news, there are lots of Ian Hockings out there.

(I was directed to this post via Speculative Horizon's Friday links.)

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