Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Kobo E-Reader Version 1.4 Upgrade

Here's a video I did showing the upgrade changes for the Kobo.

Here's a quick summary:
1. there's now a light indicator when charging
2. the log in screen defaults to the 'my books' page, even if you were reading a book (it used to log in to the page you were reading)
3. there's a 15 minute sleep function, after which the machine turns off (this means you can't leave the Kobo on indefinitely, so you always have to log back in and choose your book to continue reading)
4. the sleep screen shows the book cover and gets you back to your page if you click the power button before the 15 minutes are up
5. the 'off' screen no longer displays the book cover, just a 'powered off' message.
6. you can hide the preloaded books by choosing to view only your books in the display menu of the 'books' screen
7. you can now resize fonts in ePub files uploaded from sources other than the Kobo store (I show a PDF in the video, but it's the same idea)


The Brillig Blogger said...

I'm not sure all of these things are improvements... Borders in the US does now have the Kobo in their stores.

Jessica Strider said...

I actually prefer the previous version myself. My husband liked leaving the Kobo on and just coming back to his page - he was fine charging it every night or two so the power issue wasn't an issue. I liked loading into the page I was last reading. It makes the reading time slower when you have to load in, choose your book and then start reading.

I do like being able to resize documents and epub files. And the option to scroll through the preloaded books vs books you uploaded yourself can make searching for a new read easier (less to scroll through).

Still, for straight reading, it's not a bad device, and the fact that it's not proprietary with its books is a plus for a lot of readers. I like the option of uploading my books to both the Kobo and the ipad, that way whichever device I have I can read my book.

dining tables said...

I have a Kobo E-Reader but it is an old version. I think I need to buy a new upgraded version. I watch the video and I can tell that it has great features.

Jessica Strider said...

The upgrade is actually free. I had it done at a Chapters store, but you can do it yourself at home. Their site has the information.