Saturday, 27 August 2011

Publisher Spotlight: Tu Books

Tu Books is the new science fiction, fantasy and mystery imprint of Lee & Low books, launching this September.  I discovered them via NetGalley when they ok'd my request to review Tankborn by Karen Sandler (which will be posted early September).

About Tu Books:
Fantasy, science fiction, and mystery: these genres draw in young readers like no other. Yet it is in these genres that readers of color might feel most like an outsider, given that such a large percentage features white characters (when they feature human characters). It is the goal of Tu Books to publish genre books for children and young adults that fills this gap in the market—and more importantly, this gap in serving our readers. By focusing on diverse settings and characters in fantastic stories, we also open up worlds to all readers.

The word "tu" means "you" in many languages, and in Ainu (the language of Japan's native people), it means "many." Tu Books is dedicated to publishing fantasy, science fiction, and mystery for children and young adults inspired by many cultures from around the world, to reach the "you" in each reader.

The best way to encourage a love of reading is to provide stories that all readers can identify with. Books for children can be both a mirror and a window to other worlds for readers. Tu Books hopes that by publishing books for children that feature multicultural characters and settings and books with worlds inspired by all the many non-Western cultures in the world, we might shine a mirror on you and open a window to many.
Here's an interview with editor Stacy Whitman, explaining why Tu Books uses cultural consultants in order to get accurate depictions of histories and cultures in their books.  You can also follow them on twitter and like their parent company on facebook.

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