Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fan Expo Canada part 6: Web Comics

Last but not least, comics that were advertised at Fan Expo.

Let's start with The Heroes of the World.

It's been 50 years since the Fraternity of Insidious Soldiers of Terror were driven into the shadows.  The F.I.S.T. was an unstoppable force until the heroes of the Unified Taskforce Elite fought back and defeated them.  The defenders of U.N.I.T.E. now monitor the peace of the world and protect the innocent with a new array of international heroes and allies.  U.N.I.T.E.'s greatest ally comes in the form of an energetic, vibrant hero-in-training, OREH GAIA!  He battles against the evil villains of the F.I.S.T. regime, as one of the U.N.I.T.E. defenders.  The earth's resources are being systematically destroyed across the glove, and the true motives of the F.I.S.T. are shrouded in mystery.
Post Script is an online comic strip about "the ever after of fairy tales".
Fall On Me is "a webcomic about love, videogames and tea."
SillWill Press has a comic trilogy coming out called The Sorcerer's Children.

And last comes a traditional comic (as opposed to a web comic), Blue Estate.

BLUE ESTATE is a supercool new title from Viktor Kalvachev and Image Comics ON SALE APRIL 6, 2011!

BLUE ESTATE is a high-octane adrenalin shot of comic violence, violent comedy, tangled alliances,
mistaken identities, desperate heroes,ruthless villains & MAXIMUM FIREPOWER!!!

BLUE ESTATE it's a state of mind

And if you've got enough comics to read and you want to listen to interviews with comic book creators and discussions about what's happening with comics today, then check out Comic Geek Speak, "a FREE daily conversation about all things comic related".

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