Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Book Review: Snow Queen's Shadow by Jim C. Hines

Pros: great series conclusion, fast paced

Cons: one scene felt superfluous

Bea is dying and Snow has a plan to keep her around longer.  When her spell goes wrong she unwittingly releases something that takes control of her and others, Prince Jakob being a strange exception.  So she takes the boy when she leaves Lorindar's Palace and heads for home.

Making a beloved protagonist into the antagonist made this concluding volume of the Princess Series a heart wrenching one.  By the end of the book 'Snow' has done so many horrible things it's hard to imagine a good ending.  But Hines delivers one that fits the subject matter and neatly wraps up the series.

The pacing is fast - it's a quick, exciting read.  The protagonists' trip to see the fairies seems superfluous, but it's tied into the overarching plot well, making it a minor complaint.

If you haven't read this series, what are you waiting for?

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