Sunday, 14 August 2011

New(ish) Publisher: Eraserhead Press

Every now and then I stumble across a book at the store and realize I don't know the publisher.  This happened a few days ago when I spotted Foop! by Chris Genoa on the shelf.

The cover looked so cool that I had to find out what it was about.  Here's the synopsis:
Meet Joe, the ill-fated tour guide at the center of a story that beings with the death of Abraham Lincoln, at Joe's hands. There are strange happenings going on at Dactyl, Inc., the world's first and only time travel tourism company. So strange that Joe, a tour guide, is promoted to the new position of Chief of Probes. His first probe: find out who's been traveling back in time and torturing his boss in rather disturbing ways. Joe finds himself catapulted from his dull life into a surreal journey where a blind hog-tying monkey is one of the sanest creatures he meets. Traveling through a past where the only thing that changes the present is death, while dealing with the fabric of space-time slowly unraveling, Joe stumbles into the middle of events that threaten both the Earth's future and past.
Given the book's about time travel I was surprised to find this in the general fiction section - so if you're looking for it, you may need to ask where your store has stocked it.

Looking on the spine I discovered the book was published by Eraserhead Press.  Having 'never' heard of them (I didn't realize they'd published Dead Bitch Army) I did some research.  Apparently they've been around since 1999 (shame on me for not finding them earlier), "with a focus on Bizarro Fiction".  If you head over to their Bizarro Fiction website, they've certainly got some interesting stuff (if the title above doesn't warn you, please be aware there is adult content on their site).

They publish books under a number of imprints:
Eraserhead Press
Spunk Goblin Books
Avant Punk Books
The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction
The New Bizarro Author Series
Swallowdown Press
Deadite Press
Lazy Fascist Press
Shark vs Badger Comics

While not all of their stuff appeals to me, I may have to pick up Foop! when my reading schedule lightens up a bit.

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