Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Borders has Blog

Borders, one of the bookstore conglomerates has started up a science fiction blog, run by their SF buyer. It has guest bloggers (currently Brandon Sanderson) and aims to generate discussions in the genre. Recent posts concern the usefulness of elves in fantasy, and whether it's time for that genre to evolve.

I've always loved elves. Yes, they're often done the same way - though that may be changing. People seem to forget that with fantasy the sky's the limit. Authors are sometimes afraid to reach that high (meaning there's no reason to have 'traditional' elves beyond the fact that readers like traditional elves (which is where the discussion comes in - because if readers DON'T like traditional elves then it's time to change them).

Anyway, check out 'Babel Clash' if you're interested ( If you enjoy YA fiction and graphic novels they also have a 'Borders Ink' Facebook page.

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