Monday, 1 June 2009

Change is Coming

I just spent an amazing 4 days at Book Expo America in New York City. I've brought back a lot of new ideas, books to review and the desire to start blogging much more frequently.

The first change is that I want to start getting more comments on my posts, which means posts will become much more varied in the future. I plan to start adding links to fantasy and science fiction sites I come across in my rambles, SF & F artwork, include more about book selling and get more book reviews up.

To help me out, I have a question for you. Since this blog began as an instore newsletter at the World's Biggest Bookstore, where having a month's notice about upcoming books was useful, I've been posting my upcoming books a month early (the June books went up at the beginning of May). Would you like me to continue this or start posting the July books at the beginning of July?

Also, is there anything about this site you don't like, would like to see changed or like added? I can't guarantee I'll follow every suggestion, but I will take them all into consideration.

Thanks for reading!


Phill Rowell said...

Jessica, I find your site VERY helpful, and appreciate the 'coming attractions' being one month in advance. It helps me to plan my purchases, and encourages me to do research on writers/ titles that are completely new to me. Please, keep the heads up info early on your site!

Jessica Strider said...

Thanks. I found while doing the list that I usually have several books to keep an eye out for, so I have no problem doing it a month in advance. I'll post the list for July soon.

Danno said...

Love the site and find it very useful, but it doesn't really matter to me when the list is published.

Really looking forward to the new 'varied' posts.