Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Fantasy Artists

I've always found fantasy art to be very inspiring when coming up with ideas. Ok, it can be construed as stealing someone else's idea in a way, but if you're explaining WHY the fairy has butterfly wings and is holding a glass rose in its hand then it's merely a creative writing exercise. And if it gets your own imagination flowing, where's the harm?

Here are a few of my favourite fantasy artists:
The page is in Japanese - but worth the effort of trying various links (I've linked to one of the subpages showing off his 'starry tales' paintings).

Todd Lockwood (I've bought copies of a few of his works to inspire me in my office at home.) He's done the new covers for R.A. Salvatore's Drizzt novels (Forgotten Realms) among many, many others.
Check out his works here:

Josephine Wall (I cut up a calendar of hers, putting the paintings all over my apartment. Her works are ones you can stare at for hours, missing details each time. They draw you in and force you to imagine what might have happened to the people in the paintings to bring them to this point.)

Anne Stokes (I was made aware of her artwork through one of the 'best in fantasy art' books that comes out periodically. This wasn't the Spectrum collection, so it was by luck that I happened upon it. Since then I've seen her art in many places.)

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