Friday, 13 July 2012

Video Game High School

VGHS is a webseries funded by a kickstarter campaign that's just finished season 1.  If you haven't seen it, now's a good time.  Their website has a nice listing of all the episodes on one page, you can also watch them on youtube.

So, what's it about?  In the near future playing video games has the status of sports, and VGHS is the best school around.  Varsity team captain "The Law" gets owned on public television by a nobody, Brian D., while bragging about his skills.  This act gets Brian into the school but makes him the enemy of the best player around and a popular target for the rest of the school.

Despite being a webseries, the show had amazing production values.  They used several sets, great special effects (if you've seen any FreddieW videos you have an idea what the effects look like).  While there are some cringe worthy moments (due to the awkwardness of some of the situations in the show, not acting or dialogue), on the whole it's a great show about being bullied and fighting for what you want.

Here's the series trailer.

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