Thursday, 19 July 2012

Movie Review: Woman in Black

Director: James Watkins, 2012

Pros: several good scares, creepy, atmospheric, good score, good acting

Cons: ending style seen before, volume fluctuated between very quiet and very loud

Arthur Kipps, a young lawyer, is sent to the mysterious Crythin Gifford to go through the house of a deceased client.  The locals are suspicious and superstitious, trying to force him out of town.  His desire to stay increases when he spots a woman wearing black around the grounds of the secluded house and tries to find out who she is. 

This is a great horror movie.  It's got some fantastic acting (with Daniel Radcliffe as the laywer), creepy sets and a wonderfully gothic atmosphere.  The music helps set the scenes and paves the way for some good scares.

I saw this film on an airplane, so the extreme fluctuations in sound between whispers and shouts was distracting.  This wouldn't be a problem when watching the film at home.  I also found the twist ending familiar (having seen similar things done in a number of horror films).

If you liked The Ring or The Others, you'll like this.

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