Thursday, 27 October 2011

Stefan Petrucha's The X-Wives

Stefan Petrucha has written a bunch of children's books, comics and non-fiction and has recently published two adult urban fantasy novels (Blood Prophecy and Dead Mann Walking).  I was recently on his website and discovered that he does humerous videos too!  Among some he did years ago, is the X-Wives, a parody of the X-Files (and it assumes you've not only seen the show but loved it enough to notice a lot of the inconsistencies in plot and character that occurred over the years).  I especially love how each location is the same house, just with a different caption.  The production values are surprisingly good, so if you liked the show, check these out.  I've embedded the first of the 5 part web series here. 

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Stefan Petrucha said...

What a blast from my past! Thanks for posting this Jessica - I'm glad you got a kick out of it.