Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Amazing Stories Magazine Reboot + Technology Review's SF Anthology

Last week I had an email conversation with a gentleman who turned out to be restarting the Amazing Stories Magazine!  He's already posted pdf's of some of the original Amazing Stories Magazines, ones that have fallen into the public domain, for download.  His goals for the site:

I hope to be able to bring the magazine back into publication in an electronic format (with plans for print if and when).  I hope to be able to pay a professional rate, to discover new talent, to provide a new and vibrant market primarily for the shorter forms, and to investigate and experiment with new forms.
For now, I intend to publish information regarding Amazing Stories’ history, to engage with the folks who have gone before me and to geometrically arrange the water fowl, preparing for the day when I can roll out the first issue of the New Amazing Stories.
Check out the site here.

 Earlier this week, when restocking the SF/F magazines we keep in the fiction section, I came across this:

That's right, Technology Review has published their first annual anthology of original science fiction "inspired by today's emerging technologies".  They've put the emphasis on technical plausibility for their hard SF collection, and picked a mix of authors from both genders from around the world, with cover and interior art by Chris Foss.

The magazine is $7.95 (in Canada and the US) and consists of 80 pages of stories.  There are only 4 ads in the magazine, all for Technology Review.

The contents (in the order the authors appear on the cover, not their order in the table of contents):

Cory Doctorow "The Brave Little Toaster" (Communication)
Joe Haldeman "The Complete Sentence" (Computing)
Elizabeth Bear "Gods of the Forge" (Biomedicine)
Ma Boyong "The Mark Twain Robots" (Robotics)
Tobias Buckell "Lonely Islands" (Energy)
Pat Cadigan "Cody" (Biomedicine)
Paul DiFilippo "Specter-Bombing the Beer Goggles" (Web)
Gwyneth Jones "The Flame is Roses, The Smoke is Briars" (Communications)
Geoffrey Landis "Private Space" (Spaceflight)
Ken Liu "Real Artists" (Computing)
Ken MacLeod "The Surface of Last Scattering" (Materials)
Vandana Singh "Indra's Web) (Energy)

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