Monday, 10 October 2011

SF Gateway Goes Live!

SF Gateway, Gollancz's website designed to bringing back out of print classic SF novels in ebook form, is now live!

The SF Gateway is your portal to the classics of SF and Fantasy, where we hope you'll renew acquaintances with old favourites and discover new guides to strange and wonderful worlds . . .
They've got a number of books already, but their "ambition is to build the most comprehensive electronic library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, and to provide a place for readers to talk about them".  And while their books are not available in all countries yet, they're available to quite a few. There are some notable exceptions though:

Will the books be available outside the major English-speaking territories (i.e. UK, US, Aus)?
Yes. We have English language rights on all titles everywhere in the world except for the USA, its dependencies, Canada and the Philippines. And as noted above, we have English language rights everywhere in the world in one third of our titles. SF Gateway ebooks will be available from retailers in every country provided they have established commercial terms with the Hachette UK Group.
 And yes, the books will be DRM protected. Check out their FAQ page for more information.

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