Tuesday, 30 November 2010

SF Contario - Artist Alley

I'd meant to do a few SF Contario posts last week, but other things came up, so they've been pushed back to this week.

First up are some of the fantastic works from Artists Alley.

The artist guest of honour was Billy Tackett, 'art with BRAAAAINNNNSSSS!!'. He has some great pictures in his "Dead, White & Blue" series, like this one: A New Corpse.

Heather V. Kreiter had a nice display of "My Little Demon" ponies.

Margaret Chown's site won't let me save a picture for display. She's got watercolours and more, so go check it out.

Kerry Maffeo has steampunk inspired art. You can see some of it on her blog, and buy it on her etsy page.

If you like steampunk jewelry, there were two dealers. The first, Irina Pertseva,

the second, C. J. Grand-Cowan.

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