Monday, 1 November 2010

Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in December 2010


The Silent Land – Graham Joyce

Seer of Sevenwaters – Juliet Marillier

Songs of the Dying Earth – George R. R. Martin & Gardner Dozois, Ed.

Catacombs – Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

The Bards of Bone Plain – Patricia McKillip

Crossing Over – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Star Wars: Red Harvest – Joe Schreiber

Back to the Moon – Travis Taylor & Les Johnson

Atlantis and Other Places – Harry Turtledove

Trade Paperback:

Sir Dominic Flandry – Poul Anderson

Yarn – Jon Armstrong

Polity Agent – Neal Asher

Dragons Deal – Robert Asprin

Demonstorm – James Barclay

People of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy – Peter Beagle, Ed.

Darkwar – Glen Cook

Swordbearer – Glen Cook

Winter Witch – Elaine Cunningham

Star Trek: Stone and Anvil – Peter David

Stoneweilder – Ian Esslemont

Star Trek: Vulcan's Glory – D. C. Fontana (reprint)

The Castings Trilogy – Pamela Freeman

The Stranger – Max Frei

Chicks Ahoy – Esther Freisner, Ed.

Legend – David Gemmell (reprint)

Chicks in Capes – Lori Gentile & Karen O'Brien, Ed.

Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Shattered Light – David George III

Enemy of my Enemy – Christie Golden

Beloved of the Fallen – Savannah Kline

Cowboy Angels – Paul McAuley

Catalyst – Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Elric: Swords and Roses – Michael Moorcock

Hawkmoon: The Runestaff – Michael Moorcock

Merlin's Ring – H. Warner Munn (reprint)

Army of Shadows – Stan Nicholls

The Topless Tower – Silvina Ocampo

The Witches of Chiswick – Robert Rankin

The Rats and the Ruling Sea – Robert Redick

Galileo's Dream – Kim Stanley Robinson

Forgotten Realms: The Sellswords Omnibus – R. A. Salvatore

The Markhat Files – Frank Tuttle

Battle in the Dawn: The Complete Hok the Mighty – Manly Wade Wellman

Mass Market Paperback:

The Spirit Eater – Rachel Aaron

War Hammer 40K: Prospero Burns – Dan Abnett

The Bone Palace – Amanda Downum

Chaosbound – David Farland

Shadow of a Dark Queen – Raymond Feist

Amortals – Matt Forbeck

Crimson Wind – Diana Pharaoh Francis

Dragon's Ring – Dave Freer

Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire – David George III

Mad Skills – Walter Greatshell

The Good the Bad and the Uncanny – Simon Green

Taken by the Others – Jess Haines

Starbound – Joe Haldeman

Black Magic Sanction – Kim Harrison

Hellforged – Nancy Holzner

The Iron Palace – Morgan Howell

Dungeons & Dragons: The Seal of Karga Kul – Alex Irvine

Warhammer: Giantslayer – William King

Alien Tango – Gini Koch

The Age of Odin – James Lovegrove

Uprising – Scott Mariani

The Conqueror's Shadow – Ari Marmell

Suicide Kings – George R. R. Martin

Warhammer: Time of Legends: God King – Graham McNeill

Law of the Broken Earth – Rachel Neumeier

Man-Kzin Wars XII – Larry Niven

Dark Waters – Alex Prentiss

The Tuloriad – John Ringo & Tom Kratman

Soul Hunt – Margaret Ronald

The Dracula Tape – Fred Saberhagen

Dungeons & Dragons: Hand of the Hunter – Mark Sehestedt

Engineering Infinity – Jonathan Strahan

The Dark Griffin – K. J. Taylor

Walking the Tree – Kaaron Warren

Torch of Freedom – David Weber

Warhammer: Wulfrik – C. L. Werner

Demon Underground – S. L. Wright


audreygeddes said...

The new Star Wars book looks great - thanks for sharing these new titles. There's a lot of good stuff to read this Fall and Winter. You might also enjoy a new dark fantasy book out called, "Blood Soup," by Kelly A. Harmon. I couldn't stop reading this it was so good. The characters are very compelling and the story is absorbing.

Neal Asher said...

Polity Agent!

Jessica Strider said...

@Neal - sorry about that. It has been fixed.