Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Novella Review: Where’s Lolly? by Stephen Henning

This is a novella that takes place after Class Heroes book 2, What Happened in Witches Wood.  While it is possible to read this without reading the 2 novels that precede it, this novella does somewhat spoil aspects of the second book’s ending. 

The story focuses on Lolly Rosewood, on the run from the police, in London, looking for help after the events of book 2.  The story’s fast paced, and involves lying, sex and bad decisions.

Due to her loss of powers, Lolly’s more sympathetic here than in the novels, though she does make choices that make you forget how young she is.

It’s a fun, quick read.  And while you can read it as a stand-alone, those who have read the novels will obviously get more out of it.

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Unknown said...

Thanks very much for the review, Jessica. I'm glad you liked it.