Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Mind Meld and Posting Frequency

The latest SF Signal Mind Meld asked several contributors what the best media they consumed in 2011 was, and I've answered with regards to books.  Once the year is over I'll revisit that list, adding a few more titles and adding descriptions as to why I thought each book was good (or, more likely, links to the reviews I've done for each).  Mention your own favourite reads of the year (so far) in comments!

In the meantime, with the Christmas season upon us, I'll be working more often and will therefore have less blogging time.  I'm hoping to keep up my current schedule, and I have a few interviews and reading lists, etc. planned and ready to go, but if I do post less frequently it's because I'm at work or trying to recuperate from work. 

This is the best - and worst - time to be a bookseller.  Best because people want suggestions and I get to rave about the amazing books I've read, point out books people haven't heard of and do nifty displays, worst because some people aren't as polite as they could be, what with the frustrations of shopping and all.  Still, I'm looking forward to seeing co-workers I don't normally get to work with anymore and help people find great books for all their loved ones.  :)

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