Thursday, 10 November 2011

Books Received in October, part 1

As there were several publisher previews for booksellers in October I've received more books than usual, and am therefore splitting this into two posts.  I'll also be giving a quick summary rather than the synopsis of each book.

Violet Adams is a mechanical genius and determined to attend Illyria College, an all male school, dressed as her twin brother Ashton.  All Men of Genius is an interesting cross between Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Ernest and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.  (I really enjoyed the book, and will post my review soon.)

In Dear Creature, a mutated sea creature who survives by eating humans decides to change his ways after finding bits of Shakespeare plays in bottles tossed into the ocean.  He sets off to woo this mystery person and become a better 'man'.
A mysterious plague is attacking the Empire, and those near the childless Emperor have discovered he's now a carrier.  By his own law this is a death sentence, as those who contract the plague either die or become pawns of the one who created it, the Pattern Master.  Political intrigue ensues as players race to save - and control - the Empire. (See my review of it later this week.)

Cherie Priest's 3 steampunk novel, Ganymede focuses on air pirate Andan Cly, who is trying to go straight.  Unsuccessfully.
The Highest Frontier is Joan Slonczewski's return to SF after a long hiatus.  Jennifer Ramos Kennedy is starting her freshman year at Frontera College, in orbit around Earth.

The Immorality Engine is the next Newbury and Hobbes Investigation novel, set in Victorian England.

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