Artist Spotlights

Welcome to the Artists page.  I've linked to my posts in order from newest to oldest.  Hope you discover some fantastic new artists here!

Dr. Faustus (graphic design/posters/comics)
Ellen Jewett (sculptor)
Hontor (artist, sculptor)
Jeremy Mayer (typewriter sculpture)
Mark Adamus (photography)
Diana Harlan Stein (fantasy/furry art)
Vitaly S. Alexius (photography/digital art)
Cindy Grundsten (photography/digital art)
Dehong He (digital art)
Moonchild-Lililja (digital art)
Local Artist Showcase Part 2 (from Fan Expo Canada 2011's Artist Alley: Genevieve Tan, Annie Rodrigue, Mengling Chen, Christopher Yao, Gheryl Garrett-Jenkins)
Local Artist Showcase Part 1 (from Fan Expo Canada 2011's Artist Alley: Monika Ptok-Byard, Echo Chernick, Brian Lag, Imaginism Studios (several artists))
Takaki (digital art)
Zardo (photography/digital art)
Clark Little (photography)
Fantasy Artists 3 (Matt Stawicki, Cris Ortega, Michael Komarck, Keith Parkinson)
Fantasy Artists 2 (Luis Royo, Jody Lee, Dan Dos Santos, Chris McGrath)
Fantasy Artists 1 (Kagaya, Tood Lockwood, Josephine Wall, Anne Stokes)