Thursday, 15 July 2010

Takaki - Fantasy Artist

When I was in Japan I went by a Kagaya store to get some of his artwork. Unfortunately, it was an Aquarius Stage store, which only stocks gems for jewelry making. They did have postcard books of a few of his series, so I picked up his Starry Tales post card collection (which thankfully included Artemis, Pegasus and Phoenix, my 3 favourites of the collection). I also picked up another set with pictures I didn't recognize. The artwork style was the same as Kagaya's so it wasn't until I got home (I'd packed the sets away so they wouldn't get damaged) that I realized the second set way by a different artist, Takaki. She doesn't have an English website, so here's the link for her gallery so you can check out her work. She uses a lot of angels. Here's a sample:

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