Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Net Galley

Someone emailed me a while ago asking if I'd review their book, as an e-ARC on offer at Net Galley. At the time I wasn't interested because I had no comfortable way to read e-ARCs. Now that I do, the situation has changed. I requested a few books (starting with a cookbook that's a lot of fun so far). Today I'll start reading my first fiction e-ARC download.

Net Galley is free for librarians, booksellers and reviewers, etc. The publishers pay to have books put up on the site. You request a book and see if the publisher deems your request worthy (I've received all 3 books I've requested) and if so, give you their viewing options. They include a kindle edition, *epub and DRM protected PDF. You are under no obligation to review the books you request, though publishers would like you to notify them if you do post a review.

It seems like a good program and prompted me to restart my Wyvern's Peak Writing blog so I have a place to blog about my cooking experiences (among other things).

*It turns out what I remembered as epub was actually an unprotected PDF download.

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