Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ed Greenwood Blog Tour

Toronto based author and creator of the Forgotten Realms Fantasy Setting, will be doing a blog tour in August and this blog will be a part of it.

Ed Greenwood is one of the authors who got me interested in reading (and writing) fantasy.

I remember reading the first book of his Shandril series, Spellfire. I bought it because I liked the cover, and enjoyed the world so much I went back to it on many occasions.

So come back on August 9th and read the interview he did with me, and check out the other stops on the blog tour as he promotes his newest book, Elminster Must Die.

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J. Jackson said...

I was on staff years ago when World's Biggest opened. Ed was there as a completely-unballyhooed guest.
Typical. The then topselling Canadian fantasy writer, local Toronto (well, Don Mills) guy - - and except for a few of us fantasy and sf geeks who knew him from meeting him at Bakka, he went unrecognized and ignored. Bought a big stack of books, too. :}