Friday, 8 January 2016

Trip/Artifact photos

It occurred to me recently that I've got a large collection of trip and artifact photos from all over Europe that might be of interest to my readers.  For personal research I've photographed large quantities of the medieval and other collections of certain museums as well as taken detailed photos of structures.  I've been using the photos from my recent trip to France for a series of Cathedral posts, but I have so much more than that.

So, would you - my readers - be interested in posts featuring more of my personal photos?  I've got albums for sculpture, ivories (my personal favourite), stained glass, tapestries, items from daily life (which is smaller than my other collections), manuscripts, etc.  I also have several manuscript reproductions and could scan some of the images from those.  And it's not just Medieval stuff.  I've photographed some Greek and Italian ruins and artifacts as well.  My collection of Middle Eastern works is smaller, but I've got a fair collection of ancient Egyptian photos (I'd LOVE to visit Egypt one day).

Another option, rather than post the photos here, would be to tweet some of the images.

Here's a sampling:

Archivolt sculpture from the left portal of the West Facade of Santiago de Compostella Cathedral, Spain. 
Diptych with the Coronation of the Virgin and the Last Judgement
Elephant ivory
French, probably Paris, ca. 1260-70
The Cloisters Collection, 1970.324.7a, b 
Measure for the tithe
Made by Roger of Amiens
France, 13th C
Provence of Milly
Musee National du Moyen Age Paris

(has fleur de lis symbol in the arches around the sides)

I could either write a piece about the item, its significance, etc. or simply post the photo with credits.


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