Thursday, 26 January 2012

More New(ish) Publishers

I've been encountering a bunch of smaller presses lately.  If you're looking for new books you might want to check one of these sites out.

First up is Cemetery Dance Publications, specializing in horror.  They came to my attention due to their new subscription model.  Basically for a set fee readers can access all Cemetery Dance's currently published titles as well as the books they publish this year.  It's their, "All you can read ebook membership".  I find this particularly interesting as Angry Robot Books has 12 month subscriptions as well.

Do you think it's worth paying a subscription to read all of a publisher's books (for a given year) or do you prefer picking and choosing titles, even if it means potentially paying more over time if you read a lot of their stuff?  In other words, is this a good promotion and should we expect to see more of it from other publishers?

I discovered the next two presses via NetGalley.  Each had some books on offer, which I passed on because I'm still taking my sabbatical (and failing at it as I did request OTHER books...  Sigh.  Still, I can't read everything, no matter how much I might want to, so I have had to show SOME restraint).

Dreamspinner Press does exclusively Male/Male romance stories (other sexual pairings are ok for subplots).  They publish several genres (sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, paranormal, etc.).

Curiosity Quills is an author collective rather than a publisher, much like Book View Cafe.  The authors publicize and sell their ebooks and trade paperbacks from this website.  The website itself loads slowly so it's been hard for me to find out more about the authors and their works.  Having said that, Vicki Keire's paranormal romance stuff sounds interesting.

Any small (or new) presses you want to see featured?  Ebook or print, tell me about them in the comments. :)

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