Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 Blog Resolutions

First off, let me just mention that I was all revved up to get some of my blog backlog dealt with (prepping posts, revising reviews, contacting authors, etc.) now that my work schedule is back to normal and then I got sick.  I'm still sick.  So I may or may not post anything tomorrow.  I'm posting today because I had this post in mind for over a week to go after the post I did yesterday. 

While I'm proud of all the reading I managed to do last year, the goal of a book a week ended up being... stressful.  Most of the time I managed it, but when I got behind and a book took two or sometimes even three weeks to finish, I'd look at my TBR pile and panic.  It also meant other hobbies got pushed to the wayside.  I've got a pile of fabric that was supposed to be clothes by now, and I've spent a ton of money on crafting supplies I'd better use if I want to justify the expenses.

What does that mean?  I still intend to blog 4+ times a week, but my reviews will be posted once every two weeks or so instead of each week.  I'm also going to accept fewer review requests so I can read more of my current TBR pile, as well as all the books I've heard about the last year or more that I haven't had time to pick up.  More importantly, I want to read all the books I currently own that have patiently waited years on my shelves for me to read them. 

I'm getting rid of the Geek Gifts posts.  They turned out to be too time consuming to do on a regular basis and there are other sites which do fantastic jobs with regards to that information, better than I ever could.

In its place, I'd like to do a regular Artist Spotlight posts.  I've done a few of these, and while these can also be time consuming, I enjoy being exposed to all the talent out there.  I've still got a pile of business cards from last year's Fan Expo Canada's artist alley to start with.

There will still be 1-2 (generally 2) author interviews a months and spotlights on new authors, SF/Fantasy inspired videos from around the net, etc. So I hope you all stick around.  If you have suggestions for things you'd like to see or things I post about that you don't like mention them in the comments.

** I knew I'd forget something.  I'd also like to post more reading lists this year.  I only managed to post a few last year and I can definitely do better than that.  I've a few on the go already.  :)

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