Sunday, 2 January 2011

Indigo Books and Music Has Blogs

I know this isn't SFF related, but it is the parent company for the store I work at, so I figured I'd give them some press.  Once again, this blog isn't affiliated with Chapters/Indigo/World's Biggest Bookstore, so my views are not their views, etc., etc., but they did pay my rent for several years, so...

Indigo has started several networking endeavors.  You can see most of them if you scroll to the bottom of the website where you see 'quick links' 'learn about' 'connect with us' and 'email'.  Under 'connect with us' the company has several blogs (fiction, non-fiction, teen, movies, lifestyle...), twitter feeds (for store events, promotions, etc.) and a facebook page.  Not mentioned, is their youtube page, which has a smattering of events videos, book trailers, etc.


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