New Author Spotlights / Reading Unbound

Author Spotlight is a series designed to introduce authors with up to 3 books in the different SF/F subgenres.  They're listed here newest to oldest postings, author's name (first book) genre.

I'm phasing out the Author Spotlights and instead starting a series called Reading Unbound, where I showcase an author and their work.


Ramez Naam (Nexus)

Tom King (A Once Crowded Sky) Superhero Fiction
Liesel Schwarz (A Conspiracy of Alchemists) Steampunk
Sharon Lynn Fisher (Ghost Planet) Romantic SF
Rhodi Hawk (A Twisted Ladder) Psychological Horror
Steve Bein (Daughter of the Sword) Urban Fantasy
Kameron Hurley (God's War) Science Fiction
Isaac Marion (Warm Bodies) Zombie Romance
Lee Collins (The Dead of Winter) Western Fantasy


Alex Hughes (Clean) Science Fiction
Col Buchanan (Farlander) Fantasy
Sharon Lynn Fisher (Ghost Planet) Romantic Science Fiction
Christopher Buehlman (Those Across The River) Horror
Gretchen McNeil (Ten) Teen Horror
Saladin Ahmed (Throne of the Crescent Moon) Fantasy
Christopher Farnsworth (Blood Oath) Urban Fantasy
Jonathan Howard (Johannas Cabal and the Necromancer) Fantasy
Hillary Jordan (When She Woke) Dystopian Fiction
Gord Zajac (Major Karnage) Military Science Fiction
Chris Holm (Dark Harvest) Urban Fantasy Noir
Darin Bradley (Noise) Apocalyptic Science Fiction
Brett Patton (Mecha Corps) Military Science Fiction
Leah Bobet (Above) YA Science Fiction
Mark Lawrence (Prince of Thorns) Fantasy
Lev A. C. Rosen (All Men of Genius) Steampunk


Mazarkis Williams (The Emperor's Knife) Fantasy
Guy Haley (Reality 36) Hard Science Fiction
Rhys Thomas (On The Third Day) Horror/Science Fiction
Michael Dempsey (Necropolis) Science Fiction
Ernest Cline (Ready Player One) Science Fiction
Kelly Meding (Three Days to Dead) Urban Fantasy
Lauren Beukes (Moxyland) Urban Fantasy
Liane Merciel (River Kings' Road) Fantasy
T. C. McCarthy (Germline) Science Fiction
Andrew P. Mayer (The Falling Machine) Steampunk
J. A. Pitts (Black Blade Blues) Urban Fantasy
Will McIntosh (Soft Apocalypse) Apocalyptic Science Fiction
Jesse Bullington (Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart) Dark Fantasy
David Nickle (Eutopia) Horror
Jesse Petersen (Married With Zombies) Urban Fantasy
Stephen Deas (Adamantine Palace) Fantasy
Lisa Paitz Spindler (Spiral Path) Science Fiction
Jaye Wells (Green-Eyed Demon) Urban Fantasy
Stoney Compton (Russian Amerika) Alternate History/Science Fiction
Mark Hodder (Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack) Steampunk
Ben Tripp (Rise Again: A Zombie Thriller) Horror


Laura Bickle (Embers) Urban Fantasy
Chris Evans (A Darkness Forged in Fire) Fantasy
James Knapp (State of Decay) Science Fiction