Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Kickstarter Movie: The Hades Pit

Got an email about a kickstarter project to make an independent film, The Hades Pit, that sounds kind of interesting.  Here's the synopsis (which doesn't quite grab me) and the introduction video (which, I think, does a better job of creating enthusiasm for the project).  The director, Tony Sebastian Ukpo, has made several films already and has some ambitious goals for this one if it's funded.

The story starts with a young woman and her dog on their way to the countryside with her father, on a regular annual father/daughter retreat where he works as a Park Ranger. On this trip however, something is not right, signalled by the smoke coming from behind the abandoned factory on the way to their home. They pay no heed to it, and things slowly start to get stranger and stranger in a suspenseful build up to the fathers abduction from their home in broad daylight by large masked figures. With all the communication posts down, and the nearby service station now manned by a fresh corpse, the daughter emerging from where she was hidden away by her father during the carnage, eventually takes matters into her own hands, heading with her dog towards the one place they must have taken him. She finds an underground facility filled with weird sinister scientists, experimental creatures and an unlikely ally in one of the test subjects, and is forced to put a lot of her gaming instincts (She's a gamer) to use in a real world situation.

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