Sunday, 24 August 2014

Shout-Out: The Freezer by Timothy S. Johnston

2402 AD
CCF homicide investigator Kyle Tanner and his girlfriend are on their way to Pluto, en route to a new life together. Just one little death to check out in the asteroid belt first. But when you’re as tangled up in conspiracy as Tanner is, a few hours on a case can change your life. Or end it.
The mystery is a strange one—one man dead, a cryptic message his dying breath. Still, Tanner’s ready to wrap it up until another gruesome murder shakes him to his core. The discovery of a microscopic bomb near his own heart offers the first faint clue, but the clock is ticking. He has four days….

A desperate search for answers takes Tanner to The Freezer, an isolated facility on one of Jupiter’s moons. With anti-CCF dissidents targeting the facility, a team of scientists conducting experiments the military would rather remain hidden, and a mysterious man in white hunting him on the ice, Tanner will have to choose his allies carefully. Putting his faith in the wrong person will leave him bleeding out in seconds.

Out tomorrow.

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ediFanoB said...

Thanks for this shout-out.

Do you know that "THE FREEZER" is the second book in "THE TANNER SEQUENCE" ?

"THE FURNACE" is set in the year 2401 AD.

I bought digital copies of both books because the description sounds interesting, the GOODREADS reviews look good and they are not expensive.