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Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in September, 2014

Once again, this list was compiled from Amazon Canada's listings and therefore represents Canadian release dates for the books.  Amazon tends to throw a lot of middle grade fiction in with the YA, and while I try to edit that out, I'm not always successful.  David Gemmel's books are being reprinted, and there are several authors with omnibus editions coming out.


Visions – Kelley Armstrong
Terre’s World – Mitch Benn
Chimpanzee – Darin Bradley
The Complete Cosmicomics – Italo Calvino
Vampires of Manhattan – Melissa de la Cruz
The Savior – Tony Daniel & David Drake
Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions For a Better Future – Ed Finn & Kathryn Cramer, Ed.
Agatha H. and the Voice of the Castle – Phil Foglio & Kaja Foglio
Exo – Steven Gould
The Night of the Hunter – David Grubb
The Witch With No Name – Kim Harrison
The End of the Sentence – Maria Dahvana Headley & Kat Howard
The Brothers Cabal – Jonathan Howard
The Midnight Queen – Sylvia Izzo Hunter
A Mountain Walked – S. T. Joshi, Ed.
Son of No One – Sherrilyn Kenyon
The Collected Short Stories of R. A. Lafferty vol 2: The Man With the Aura – R. A. Lafferty
Last Plane to Heaven: The Final Collection – Jay Lake
The Fatal Tree – Stephen Lawhead
Good House – Peyton Marshall
The Falcon Throne – Karen Miller
Bete – Adam Roberts
Forgotten Realms: Rise of the King – R. A. Salvatore
Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden’s Syndrome – John Scalzi
Wood Sprites – Wen Spencer
The Golden Princess – S. M. Stirling
The Hawley Book of the Dead – Chrysler Szarlan
The Colour Illustrated Hobbit – J. R. R. Tolkien & Jemima Catlin
Granny Yaga – Vitali Vitaliev
The Seventh Sigil – Margaret Weis & Robert Krammes
Brian Froud’s Faeries’Tales – Wendy & Brian Froud
Sleeping Late On Judgement Day – Tad Williams

Trade Paperback:

Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn – Danielle Ackley-McPhail & Day Al-Mohamed
Trust and Treachery: Tales of Power and Intrigue – Day Al-Mohamed & Meriah Crawford, Ed.
Beta-Life: Short Stories from an A-Life Future – Prof. Martyn Amos & Ra Page
Flypaper – Chris Angus
Company Town – Madeleine Ashby
The Engineer Reconditioned – Neal Asher
Drowned World – J. G. Ballard
The Unlimited Dream Company – J. G. Ballard
Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon – David Barnett
Sci-Fi Chronicles: A Visual History of the Galaxy’s Greatest Science Fiction – Stephen Baxter & Guy Haley
City of Stairs – Robert Jackson Bennett
The Necromancer’s House – Christopher Buehlman
Memory – Lois McMaster Bujold
The SEventh Miss Hatfield – Anna Caltabiano
Red Blooded – Amanda Carlson
The Clockwork Dagger – Beth Cato
The King in Yellow – Robert Chambers 
The Night of the Triffids – Simon Clark
Ancestral Machines – Michael Cobley 
Copperhead – Tina Connolly
Warhammer 40K: Grey Knights – Ben Counter
Species Imperative Omnibus – Julie Czerneda
The Last Dark – Stephen Donaldson
Dinosaurs and Dirigibles – David Drake
Earth Flight – Janet Edwards
Permutation City – Greg Egan
Forge of Darkness – Steven Erikson
Blood and Bone – Ian Esslemont
Bastion – Craig Gallant
Dark Prince – David Gemmell
Hawk Queen: The Omnibus Edition – David Gemmell
Knights of Dark Renown – David Gemmell
Lion of Macedon – David Gemmell
Morningstar – David Gemmell
Stones of Power: The Omnibus Edition – David Gemmell
The City – Stella Gemmell
Doctor Who: The Blood Cell – James Goss
Angel – Jon Grahame
Shadow of the Ancients – Pierre Grimbert & Matt Ross
Transcendental – James Gunn
Phantasm Japan: Fantasies Light and Dark, From and About Japan – Haikasoru, Ed.
War God – Graham Hancock
Twenty-First Century Science Fiction – David Hartwell & Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Bad-Ass Faeries: It’s Elemental – Danielle Ackley-McPhail, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Lee Hillman, & Jeffrey Lyman, Ed. 
Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute – Jonathan Howard
The Secret Journal of Ichabod Crane – Alex Irvine
Daring – Elliott James
The Cusanus Game – Wolfgang Jeschke
Outrider – Steven John
Circus Immortale – A. R. Kahler
Imaginarium 2014 – Sandra Kasturi
Die and Stay Dead – Nicholas Kaufmann
Yesterday’s Kin – Nancy Kress
Kinslayer – Jay Kristoff
Kalimpura – Jay Lake
Mayor of the Universe – Lorna Landvik
Grudgebearer – J. F. Lewis
The Republic of Thieves – Scott Lynch
Doctor Who: Engines of War – George Mann
Gifts for the One Who Comes After – Helen Marshall
Channel Blue – Jay Martel
Myths & Legends: Sinbad the Sailor – Phil Masters
The Man With the Compound Eyes – Wu Ming-Yi
Secret of the Tree – Dorothy Mitchell
Pegasus Colony – Phyllis Moore
Anno Dracula: Johnny Alucard – Kim Newman
Fortunes of the Imperium – Jody Lynn Nye
Dreamwalker – J. A. Oswald
Sherwood Nation – Benjamin Parzybok
Sword of the Bright Lady – M. C. Planck
Pathfinder Tales: Reign of Stars – Tim Pratt
Maplecroft – Cherie Priest
The Causal Angel – Hannu Rajaniemi
The Demi-Monde: Fall – Rod Reese
Doctor Who: Silhouette – Justin Richards
Butterfly: Tomorrow’s Children – David Saperstein
Rivers – Michael Farris Smith
The Bloodline Feud: A Merchant Princes Omnibus – Charles Stross
Radiant – Karina Sumner-Smith
Science Fiction Video Games – Neal Roger Tringham
Doctor Who: The Crawling Terror – Mike Tucker
Widow’s Dozen – Marek Waldorf
Age of Iron – Angus Watson
The Prophecy Con – Patrick Weekes
Stories of the Raksura v1: The Falling World & The Tale of Indigo and Cloud – Martha Wells
This Old World – Steve Wigenstein
Yesterday’s Hero – Jonathan Wood
Warhammer: Stormcaller – Chris Wraight
Consider Her Ways: And Others – John Wyndham
The Seeds of Time – John Wyndham
Soulminder – Timothy Zahn

Mass Market Paperback:

To Dance With the Devil – Cat Adams
Rogue Angel: Celtic Fire – Alex Archer
Generation 18 – Keri Arthur
Spells at the Crossroads – Barbara Ashford
Blood Red Tide – James Axler
Year of the Demon – Steve Bein
Star Trek: Voyager: Acts of Contrition – Kristen Beyer
The Journey – Roddy Brooks
The Lost Stars: Perilous Shield – Jack Campbell
Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution – Keith DeCandido
Summer Moon – Jan DeLima
Magician’s End – Raymond Feist
1636: The Devil’s Opera – Eric Flint & David Carrico
Burdens of the Dead – Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint & Dave Freer
Mage’s Blood – David Hair
Beauty and the Beast: Vendetta – Nancy Holder
Hidden – Benedict Jacka
Divinity – Michelle Johnson
Energized – Edward Lerner
The Bloodbound – Erin Lindsey
Dangerous Women 1 – George Martin & Gardner Dozois, Ed.
The Winter Long – Seanan McGuire
Warhammer 40K: False Gods – Graham McNeill
Twilight Forever Rising – Lena Meydan
House Immortal – Devon Monk
The Waterborne Blade – Susan Murray
Crux – Ramez Naam
Glory Main – Henry O’Neil
Night of the Hunter – R. A. Salvatore
Solace Arisen – Anna Steffl
Flex – Ferrett Steinmetz
The Given Sacrifice – S. M. Stirling
Incarnate – Anton Strout
Grimm: The Killing Time – Tim Waggoner
Tour of Duty: Stories and Provocations – Michael Williamson


Miss Spelled – Sarah Belle
For the Love of Death – Tamara Rose Blodgett
Aurora: Meridian – Amanda Bridgeman
Enigma in Blue – Klaus Bytzek
The Land Beyond All Dreams – Bryan Fields
Shatterwing: Dragon Wine – Donna Maree Hanson
Rogue’s Paradise – Jeffe Kennedy
Kings of the Realm – Oisin McGann
Spirit – Daniela Sacerdoti
Gun Shy – Eleri Stone
Nature Futures 2: Science Fiction From the Leading Science Journal – Colin Sullivan & Henry Gee, Ed.
A Planet For Rent – Yoss & David Frye

YA Fiction:

Enclave – Ann Aguirre
The Aftermath – Jen Alexander
Vision – Lisa Amowitz
Trial by Fire – Josephine Angelini
The Book of Days – K. A. Barker
The Witch’s Boy – Kelly Barnhill
Survival Colony 9 – Joshua David Bellin
Monsters – Ilsa Bick
The Boo of Kindly Deaths – Eldritch Black
Winterkill – Kate Boorman
Never Fade – Alexandra Bracken
Thunder – Bonnie Calhoun
Land – Alex Campbell
Splinters – Matt Carter & F. J. R. Titchenell
Erin – Simon Clark
Endless Knight – Kresley Cole
Tumble & Fall – Alexandra Coutts
Meet Me At the River – Nina de Gramont
A New Darkness – Joseph Delaney
The Zodiac Collector – Laura Diamond
Steampunk: Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens & Zdenko Basic
Conjured – Sarah Beth Durst
Sky Jumpers – Peggy Eddelman
Earth Flight – Janet Edwards
Bone, Fog, Ash & Star – Catherine Egan
Blackfin Sky – Kat Ellis
The Jewel – Amy Ewing
Task Force – Brian Falkner
The Lord of Opium – Nancy Farmer
The Song of the Quarkbeast – Jasper Fforde
Circle of Stones – Catherine Fisher
Falls the Shadow – Stefanie Gaither
A Tale of Light and Shadow – Jacob Gowans
Monstrous Affections: An Anthology of Beastly Tales – Kelly Link and Gavin Grant, Ed.
BZRK Reloaded – Michael Grant
Projection – Risa Green
Black Moon – Teri Harman
A Breath of Frost – Alyxandra Harvey
Destined for Doon – Corey Corp & Lorie LangdonFeuds - Avery Hastings
Replica – Jack Heath
When the Sea is Rising Red – Cat Hellisen
Oblivion – Anthony Horowitz
The Secret Countess – Eva Ibbotson
Dancing Jax: Fighting Pax – Robin Jarvis
Love is the Drug – Alaya Dawn Johnson
The Brokenhearted – Amelia Kahaney
Salt & Storm – Kendall Kulper
Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of the Light – Derek Landy
Winterspell – Claire Legrand
Tabula Rasa – Kristen Lippert-Martin
The Twinning Project – Robert Lipsyte
Inheritance – Malinda Lo
Champion – Marie Lu
Crown of Midnight – Sarah Maas
Heir of Fire – Sarah Maas
Storm – D. J. MacHale
Egg and Spoon – Gregory Maguire
Shattered – Mari Mancusi
The Caller – Juliet Marillier
Made for You – Melissa Marr
Firebug – Lish McBride
In a Handful of Dust – Mindy McGinnis
Shadows – Robin McKinley
Invisible – Dawn Metcalf
The 100: Day 21 – Kass Morgan
Forest of Whispers – Jennifer Murgia
On a Clear Day – Walter Dean Myers
The Vault of Dreamers – Caragh O’Brien
Paradox – A. J. Paquette
The Shade of the Moon – Susan Beth Pfeffer
Dead City – James Ponti
The Winter People – Rebekah Purdy
Jackaby – William Ritter
All These Broken Angels – Peter Adam Salomon
Steelheart – Brandon Sanderson
What Came From the Stars – Gary Schmidt
Battle Angel – Scott Speer
Misty Falls – Joss Stirling
The Dolls – Kiki Sullivan
The Burning Sky – Sherry Thomas
The Perilous Sea – Sherry Thomas
The Battle – Jennifer Torres
The Disappearing – Jennifer Torres 
The Return – Jennifer Torres
Of Monsters and Madness – Jessica Verday
Lark Rising – Sandra WAugh
Afterworlds – Scott Westerfeld
Faces of the Dead – Suzanne Weyn
Illusions of Fate – Kiersten White
The Chaos of Stars – Kiersten White
Starry Nights – Daisy Whitney
Twist of the Blade – Edward Willett
Belzhar – Meg Wolitzer
The Infinite Sea – Rick Yancey
Echoes of Us – Kat Zhang

Once We Were – Kat Zhang

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Vincent H. O'Neil said...

Thanks so much for including my military scifi tale of survival GLORY MAIN in this! HarperCollins released it as an ebook on July 29th and it will be published in paperback on September 2nd.

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