Sunday, 2 March 2014

Shout-Out: R/Evolution by Tenea Johnson

I found this book on a list of black authors who write horror by Sumiko Saulson.  There are now 3 lists, with some great names, so go check them out.  You can take a look inside this collection of stories on Amazon.

People are starving, biogenetic adaptations are prevalent amongst the privileged, and the poor are being ground to a sharp and dangerous point. This is the future US, where in the struggle for survival citizens are pushed to the breaking point as relationships start to fracture along the lines of class and race. These are stories of the leaders and the followers, the victims, heroes, and the everyday people caught in history's wake, chief among them Dr. Ezekiel Carter, a genius in his field who decides to offer genetic reparations to those being left behind. In this world, what will become of the people at the fringes and more than that, of humanity itself?

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